Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Ideal Room

Amelie Of Montmartre is one of my favorite movies. The reason I like Amelie is because of its art work such as set displays and cute interior items or unique objects in the movie set. I saw it so many times and whenever I watch it, her room is so impressive. Her personality is a little bit geek in a good way, so her room describes her unique personality well.
Her room looks like a fortune teller’s house because the wall is in red and there are many colors of lights. The wall paper gives a big effect to make her entire house look special and vintage. It’s red and patterned in teratology, so it makes the whole room’s atmosphere fantastic and warm. Most of her furniture and interior items are red as well such as a red sofa, shelf, table, bed cover, curtain, and cushion.
I love her bed room, which looks so cozy and dark enough to have a deep sleep. In the room, there is a wide bed that is antique style and covered with yellow blanket. On the red wall, behind the bed, there are four pictures with antique and vintage frames. On the left and right sides of the bed there are table lamps. One of them looks a pig holding an umbrella. It’s kitsch and cute.
You can see her wired living room through a red door. There are many pictures on the wall and there are many things which are decorative objects in Amelie’s taste. There is a big red velvet sofa and a table in the middle of the room and there is a blue lamp, which looks like a skirt and the blue light looks prettier in the whole red space. The windows with red and white curtains in the living room make dark atmosphere like a secrete place. It also reflects Amelie’s characteristic that is not really sociable but imaginative herself. She always closes the curtains and turn on many table lamps, so the room doesn’t look too gloomy even though there is not much brightness.
Her bath room is the only place that is not decorated in red color. I love the bath room because it looks clean and has a big bath. The tiles on the floor are the color in light yellow and white, so they make the bathroom look warm.
I'd love to live her room, which has so different structure, unique interior items and vintage atmosphere. They are just not like any Korean pretty rooms so that's why I feel exotic from her room setting.

her kitchen

her living room

the red front door

her bedroom

her bathroom


  1. Hi, you really look like my school friend. Anyways, love your post.

    Fashion Cat

  2. All of things in her room is so cute and lovely.
    Most of girls want to have this kind of room.
    AND so do I. I agree Amelie showed outstanding art work more than any other movies.

  3. Hi, :)
    I watched this movie, but I didn't focus on heroine's room. It's so interesting that people see what they are interested in. I focused on her characteristic, but I would focus on her cute and lovely room when I watch it again. Enjoy, :D

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