Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shing02 - Luv (sic) part 2

love listening to Nujabes when it rains.
feel gloomy but being able to enjoy that mood with his music.

cheer up, em.
thanks xx


Camera movement is awesome!

Friday, April 29, 2011

PNC - Man on Wire

How do you avoid creating a cliché hip-hop album cover? Create 6! Check out these surreal colorful covers for PNC by Marx Design after the jump.

"Kiwi artist PNC wanted his third album to avoid the clichéd album covers of the hip-hop industry. So we hoisted the freak flag and set about creating six different album covers that work both as individual pieces as well as a series. Each cover is inspired by PNC’s lyrics and executed as collage in the shape of his iconic silhouette. The CD booklet was packaged with one of six different covers for each CD case, giving fans a well-rounded feel for the album as a whole. There was also a poster campaign and point-of-sale to support the release."

Designed by Marx Design

OMG, such an unique design of his new album cover!
I like all of them!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Karen Armstrong makes her TED Prize wish: the Charter for Compassion | Video on

Karen Armstrong makes her TED Prize wish: the Charter for Compassion Video on

 When she went to Jerusalem to work, she discovered that she didn’t know anything about other religions except Christianity. So she had studied them deeply, which made her see in a different view, what religions really mean. The word, ‘belief’, itself is meant originally to love but religion is not about believing but about behaving differently. We don’t know this real meaning of religion, that’s why we are living in a world where religion has been hijacked by the human ego and human greed. However, if we understand that every religion is aiming for the same teaching, which is Compassion: do not do to others what you would not like them to do to you, we can overcome not only any religious conflict, but also social defect between each country. There is a yearning for change in many countries and people still want to be religious. Therefore, religion should be the center of leading harmony in the world as we follow the core teaching of every tradition, which is do not do to others what you would not like them to do to you.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Vogue Ephemere


This work is from Russian designer Slava Fedutik.
Not sure what it is, but it's really pretty!
Looks like cigarette packaging which is pretty cool. More after the jump.

from Russian designer Slava Fedutik.

I loved cigarette, Vogue when I was in OZ
but I can't find it in Korea! although I saw the sign on the package that it's made in Korea? not sure. anyway, I like the package sooooooo cool :)


April. 11. There was a launching event for a new Paul Smith store in Sinsa-dong, Seoul.
I had a chance to go there to meet him and have an interview!(it was a kinda talking time with uni students)
He asked us to bring some ideas to talk about visual displays which could be whatever.....
I think, he just wanted to share some ideas, not serious suggestions.
Anyway! after the meeting we had time to look around his new shop, and it was amazing!
soooooooooooo lovely.....   

Here is Dosan Park near his shop, and I was waiting for my mate for a while with sunshine:)

We were so surprised when we saw the grandpa saying hello to us like that through the window in his shop. LOL
So funny, I thought 'I don't need to be nervous, he is like a funny grandpa' lol

Here is a staff office, I'd love to work there !!!!

The stairs to go to a meeting room & the office. It's like a bubble factory, lovely:)

It's a balcony beside the office. The whether was so great!

Finally we met the famous British designer Paul Smith! or ,I can say, friendly grandpa!
He was so funny. As soon as he saw us, he said "hello, everyone, I'm Calvin Klein" LOL

He is looking at my prepared portfolio about visual displays in the pics.

So scary....... in this pic lol but we still love u :)

He showed his t-shirt, which he designed for Japanese earthquake.

The best shot! Thanks, grandpa. xxxxxx

From here, there are lots of pics of his new store in Sinsa-dong.
He designed every interior thing and every single item in the shop.
The sofa is made of his pics taken by Paul Smith.
I'd love to bring it to my home......... :)

On the wall, there are many of his art work or pics, and he's chosen even the each frame for each work.

I loved the wave wall & the color, light pink! so girlish and cute :)

Here is the first floor which displays man's wear and suit.

Here is the basement floor which displays casual man's wear.

It was an extremely happy day with Paul Smith.
I couldn't buy anything though, (going to be broke lol)
love the shop! a perfect interior by Paul Smith, every thing is so lovely.