Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Daily Fashion inspired by Rihanna's camouflage dress

Shoes: a pair of Air Jordan XX8 Sneakers (sold out) 
Bag: ​Prada Spring 2014 CollectionAcc: Fallon Wide Herringbone Chain Necklce (sold out), an Alison Lou Screw U Cuff ($2,350.00), and the H Cuff ($8,000.00), Diamond Sweet Leaf Necklace ($975.00), Medium Pyramid Triangle Ring in Moonstone ($2,365.00), Lapis ($2,365.00) andLabradorite ($2,365.00), Double Teardrop Ring ($3,795.00), Bunny Ring ($1,735.00), 10 Diamond Bezel Cuff ($1,625.00) and the Gemstone Eye Ring ($2,125.00/wrong color), all from Jacquie Aiche.

Dress: ChirstopherKane
Jacket: Joyrich
Shoes: Nike Blazers Mid Iridescent
Acc: Obey, CheapMonday, Bape, Pluswatch

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