Monday, April 18, 2011


April. 11. There was a launching event for a new Paul Smith store in Sinsa-dong, Seoul.
I had a chance to go there to meet him and have an interview!(it was a kinda talking time with uni students)
He asked us to bring some ideas to talk about visual displays which could be whatever.....
I think, he just wanted to share some ideas, not serious suggestions.
Anyway! after the meeting we had time to look around his new shop, and it was amazing!
soooooooooooo lovely.....   

Here is Dosan Park near his shop, and I was waiting for my mate for a while with sunshine:)

We were so surprised when we saw the grandpa saying hello to us like that through the window in his shop. LOL
So funny, I thought 'I don't need to be nervous, he is like a funny grandpa' lol

Here is a staff office, I'd love to work there !!!!

The stairs to go to a meeting room & the office. It's like a bubble factory, lovely:)

It's a balcony beside the office. The whether was so great!

Finally we met the famous British designer Paul Smith! or ,I can say, friendly grandpa!
He was so funny. As soon as he saw us, he said "hello, everyone, I'm Calvin Klein" LOL

He is looking at my prepared portfolio about visual displays in the pics.

So scary....... in this pic lol but we still love u :)

He showed his t-shirt, which he designed for Japanese earthquake.

The best shot! Thanks, grandpa. xxxxxx

From here, there are lots of pics of his new store in Sinsa-dong.
He designed every interior thing and every single item in the shop.
The sofa is made of his pics taken by Paul Smith.
I'd love to bring it to my home......... :)

On the wall, there are many of his art work or pics, and he's chosen even the each frame for each work.

I loved the wave wall & the color, light pink! so girlish and cute :)

Here is the first floor which displays man's wear and suit.

Here is the basement floor which displays casual man's wear.

It was an extremely happy day with Paul Smith.
I couldn't buy anything though, (going to be broke lol)
love the shop! a perfect interior by Paul Smith, every thing is so lovely.

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