Friday, April 29, 2011

PNC - Man on Wire

How do you avoid creating a cliché hip-hop album cover? Create 6! Check out these surreal colorful covers for PNC by Marx Design after the jump.

"Kiwi artist PNC wanted his third album to avoid the clichéd album covers of the hip-hop industry. So we hoisted the freak flag and set about creating six different album covers that work both as individual pieces as well as a series. Each cover is inspired by PNC’s lyrics and executed as collage in the shape of his iconic silhouette. The CD booklet was packaged with one of six different covers for each CD case, giving fans a well-rounded feel for the album as a whole. There was also a poster campaign and point-of-sale to support the release."

Designed by Marx Design

OMG, such an unique design of his new album cover!
I like all of them!

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