Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lotta Vintage in Madrid

I googled some vintage stores in Madrid and I'd like to introduce this one called Lotta vintage. The location is near the metro station Chueca which is a popular area for shopping and gay stuff. I really liked the area because there were so many designers' shops or brands combined shopping center, fancy bars, restaurants and etc. But the most impressive store was Lotta vintage. There were so many wish-listed things inside from clothes to accessories. The price was reasonable, good choices of vintage stuff which was in a good condition, the really nice owner, and also because I don't really like a messy massive vintage store which has a bunch of too old vintage stuff piled up everywhere so hard to find what I want (but I think a real fashion guru must be likely to prefer messy one to the neat selections of vintage), I loved the shop. As the pictures show, the whole interiors and items on the walls or shelves were so cute, so during shopping my eyes were so busy to look around every single touch from the owner. There was a tag featuring the price of the products and when they were from. I got a pair of shoes, two necklaces, and some broaches with only 70 Euros. I'd love to visit again :)

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