Saturday, March 31, 2012

Natural Bridge in Brisbane

I went to Natural Bridge Park in Brisbane. feel the nature!!
The mountain is famous for lightenign bugs living in the small cave in the park. I saw them as well at night, it was beautiful, I just cannot put it in a word. When you go there at night, you can also see so many stars that I felt like I could reach them. It was spectacular. I haven't seen that many stars in Korea, never gonna see them in Korea....:( There is a small warterfall as well where many people was swimming.
It's little far from the Brisbane city, took about two and an half hours, because you need to drive up to the mountain. And then you can walk about 10 mins to see the waterfall. 

 many kids trying to diving into the waterfall. it's not really big but still scary if I imagine jumping under the water.

+ a cuty ice cream bus!

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