Thursday, April 5, 2012

CVA in Australia

I joined volunteer work in Brisbane, Australia for a week. CVA (Conservation Volunteers Australia) recruits volunteers from all over the world. I got to know about this programme from my friend's recommendation. You can register through its home page
You can choose the area specifically. I've chosen Brisbane because I was supposed to do the work just for a week, and then have a holiday in Bris!!

It was a really memorable time and enjoyed so much than I expected. I was worried about the actual work being too hard to accomplish, but it wasn't at all. As there are only 4 or 5 people of a group working together, the tasks can not be that much tough. My team was an international group having people from Belgium, Germany, Japan, and two Koreans including me. Team leader is usually from oz or kiwi, if you are lucky, you might work with a kind leader like my leader who explained about the purpose of work, oz's anythings in nature. The program started from Fri, but during the weekend, it was free time in a backpackers in Brisbane city and the actual volunteering started from Tue after driving all the way to Dalby where the place had a flood last year, so on Mon, it was a 4hour travel day without work.

This is the accommodation we stayed for 5days in Dalby. There were four comfortable beds and...yeah, only beds, but not many things to need actually, after work, we just went to bed. There's nothing to do at night cuz the place is a kinda farm so it's really dark outside which let us see so many stars, milky way, and shooting stars!!! It was so romantica........!!! One thing I didn't like about the room was no bathroom inside. Except that, everything was comfy and cozy with that big window + sunshine:)

on the way to Dalby, the weather was perfect for driving!

we dropped by a grocery market in Toowoomba to get some veges and fruit.


my team leader. It was literally a countryside so was like an animal and bucks' residential area. frogs everywhere in the toilet.


so nice to live there after retire. look at the scenery.... I pretended to do yoga breathing fresh air.


The area where we stayed was like a heritage site so there were old houses, a hospital, a school, factories, stables, and etc. there were like a museum so that tourist can see the old age stuff in oz.

Here is where we worked. It was real bush, real oz outback. nothing can be found except nature. we saw so many bugs and animals, also a Wild Wallaby jumping in the bush. We helped to get rid of rubbishes carried by the flood along the riverside and also took useless fences near the river.

Team members! the best thing of this work is meeting people from other countries, which was one of the reasons that I decided to go for it.

I just appreciated everything that I've experienced during the volunteering work. I felt real OZ nature, spending worthwhile time with nice people. anyways Missya Mr.Hungryjack's

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  1. Wow! All those pics are just BEAUTIFUL! I've never been in Australia, but I think these pics really express how it feels like there ^^

    Love your report!