Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vintage shops in Paddington Brisbane

Things that we got in the vintage shops in Paddington!
the blue one piece&gold flat shoes(were just $5 YAY)&yellow long dress&spotty hair band

A girl who works in Dr.Martin let us know about the area, Paddington and wrote down the memo for us:)

 nothing over $99!

look at that cute fly tag:) for V.I.P traveller

 this shop was our favorite!! called Indeavour. lots of vintage stuff especially for accessories. The price was super cheap and plus so kind staff:)

this is the famous second hand shop that has other branches as well in the Valley, Vinnies. as far as it's second hand shop which is not a collected vintage store, the things are not really pretty but still you mite be able to find sth precious.

what a cute fittin room door:)

there are lots of shops selling vintage stuff except clothes like second hand funiture.
and also many designer shops.

 loved that area......... wanna go back!!! miss everyting....:(

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