Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Dancing Club 'Kapital' in Madrid

When I arrived in Madrid from Barcelona, I was so tired because I went to clubbing 2 days in row in Barcelona, but I couldn't give up clubbing again in Madrid!!! I was supposed to go to the other club called Bacha?? I don't know the exact name of it, but one girl who was staying in my hostel said club 'Kapital' is the biggest one and most famous in Madrid and also, it's fucking massive, 7 floors!! OMG, yeah that's right, I should go there. It has different kinds of music for each floor and the main hall played commercial electronic and mix. I stayed in the hip-hop floor, maybe 3rd one, all night long and the DJ played all the famous American hip-hop. I really had a good time like enjoying too much?! I recorded some videos with my phone but it disappeared in the process of getting a new number in OZ :(.... so depressed..... so I've only got one pic of the club :(


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