Sunday, June 24, 2012

Museum of Eroticism in Paris

I went to this erotic place in Paris with great expectations, but to conclude, it wasn't really good than i was expecting. They charged 5 euros, maybe, but it's not really worthy unless you are crazyyy about sth geek and sexy or you have a figure collecting hobby of course, that figure should be sth about sexy.... anyway this place just reminded me of the movie 'short bus' which is surprisingly geeky and erotic as well. yeah right, if your taste of movies is like 'short bus', this place mite be interesting for u :)

Museum of eroticism is located near the metro station called Blanche, where the area is famous for Moulin Rouge, so the whole atmosphere seemed like erotic and sexyyy.... + if you go there alone, you've gotta be little bit brave cuz..... i don't know i felt kinda shy when i was about to enter into the museum.

There are 4th floors but i started to take photos from the 3rd floors where there are many looking good art pieces and posters as well. The first floor and the second were not really interesting tho, there were only some statues from the ancient century all over the world.  

I think, especially these kinds of art pieces would appear in the movie like 'short bus'

There was also many paper art work that could inspire me in many ways when I do my work.

These were like toys so that, i think, many people mite wanna play with them!! but too sexy to be kids' toys anyways. While I was taking these pics of the miniatures, I've felt that i was like a peeing tom xD

What a cute couple!!

After I saw this movie, i was kinda shocked and couldn't take my eyes off the art props, the actors' and actresses' costumes, and the sth like dirty but sexy erotic mood in the place, short bus. yeah right, I could feel the similar ways in the museum of eroticism but weaker than i felt while seeing the movie. maybe, that's because the place is still a 'Museum', not a strange place like 'Short bus'

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