Monday, June 25, 2012

Palais de Tokyo in Paris

I'd say this place was one of the most impressive places in Paris during my trip. That's not because of the great exhibitions there, but because of the place itself. I feel kinda jealous of having this open place in Paris for everyone to enjoy not only modern art but also just relaxing atmosphere in the Palais de Tokyo. Actually I don't quite remember what kind of exhibitions were being held at the time becuz I think I was too busy to just look around the whole places. 

When I saw the pic of Basquiat outside of the building, I was expecting there would be his exhibition, but there wasn't :(...... 

There were several rooms for video exhibitions and each room seemed to be decorated in a certain concept maybe..... and all of them offered so comfortable chairs and nest-like atmosphere so that people could appreciate the videos. 

From the evening, I could see the lightening Eiffel Tower at the back side of the building, which was so romantic even alone:)/ One more thing that I was so impressed with was if you are a student studying art or design, there will be no entrance fee for the most exhibits, and also for most of the museums or galleries in Paris, which is a really good advantage of studying art!! Now, at the point of posting this, I started wondering why the name of this place includes the city name, Tokyo?! and then I found out that's becuz the building is separated from the Seine river by the avenue de New-York, which was formerly named Quai Debilly and later Avenue de Tokio and the name Palais de Tokyo derives from the name of this street.

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